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A Joint ventures of John Fowler, India and Westrup, Denmark

Fowler Westrup (India) Pvt. Limited

was incorporated in the year 2000 as a joint venture between John Fowler (India) Pvt. Limited and Westrup A/s, Denmark for manufacturing Post Harvest Agricultural processing machine and Oil Filtration System. The operations commenced in the year 2001.

Fowler Westrup is a global leader in providing solutions for Grain Storage Silo System, Post Harvest Agricultural processing machinery for Seed and Grain, Opto Electronic Colour Sorter, Grain conveying equipment, Oil filtration and Regeneration system. Fowler Westrup is a Joint Venture between John Fowler of India and Westrup A/S of Denmark.

Fowler Westrup has established leadership through its commitment to highest quality standards, superior performance, reliability, safety and durability. It has a modern manufacturing plant located at Bangalore, India. The manufacturing is supported by an advanced design set up with capability of three dimensional design layout. New Product development is an on-going process to meet the continued enhancement of customer need. The company has a R&D test bed to ensure that every new development is tested to meet the rigorous field conditions.

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